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GameTalkTalk APK is a free app listed in Social Apps. It is very easy to install GameTalkTalk app on your android device

South Korea’s Top Gaming Social Media App – now 3.5 million gamers and counting!
Our fresh, new version is yours to download, right now.

[GameTalkTalk Season 3 Updates – 3rd Times a Charm]

■ The best way to step up your gaming – right from home!
The only social media platform dedicated to gaming. Check out exclusive game strategies, memes, videos and tips that you won’t find anywhere else. Join groups and guilds of your favourite games and meet game pros from around the world. What’s best is that you can earn rewards for playing the world’s most popular games!

■ Earn More Rewards As You Level Up!
– Gain even more XP when you use an in-game coupon after participating in the game’s pre-launch download event
– Earn a bonus of 2,000 stars every time you level up – you worked hard for that XP!
– Each level now has exclusive in-game coupons, star accumulation rates and payback benefits
– The mission menu now offers a significantly wider variety of in-game missions
– Your profile now displays your cumulative, weekly and monthly rankings and achievements

■ Game Forums Massive Revamp
– Easier, more direct access to your pinned game tabs from the GameTalkTalk home screen
– In your game groups, you can now flip through posts, strategies, leaderboards, videos, friends, etc. more quickly and concisely
– Provides a menu of frequently created tags for each game
– Top tips and strategies for each game are highlighted

■ Your Fresh Notifications Update
– Now view your notifications and your friend’s activity on the GameTalkTalk home screen
– We have now categorized your notifications for you, so you know who and where they’re coming from
– You can now view other users’ friends in addition to their followers
[Join GameTalkTalk’s Exclusive Gaming Community]

> Games are more fun when you play with your friends, but where can you find decent gaming teammates?
> Are you curious how people score a spot on the leaderboard in popular games?
> Do you even have anywhere to show off your high score if you rank?
> When you get sick of a game, isn’t it sometimes hard to figure out what to play next?
> Why wouldn’t you want some free game coupons or free rare game items?

Game users across South Korea are world famous gamers, because of apps like this!

What are you waiting for? Join GameTalkTalk now and play with the best, learn from the best, earn like the best!

1. Play with the best: Talk about any game you’re playing with fellow gamers, in real time. We have over 300,000 games pages on our app! Ask and answer questions right away, find teammates, we wish it could be this easy in real life.

2. Learn from the best: Korean game experts reveal exclusive gaming tips and tricks. You can learn how to play like a pro and conquer your game. Not just anyone has access to this kind of knowledge treasure trove.

3. Earn like the best: When you join our game events, you can earn free game coupons and game items you actually want. Sign up for pre-registering to download new games before they even come out and get paid to do so! Our star shop has tonnes of free items to chose from, so your reward for completing tasks, is up to you!

4. “I seriously am the GOAT of this game.”
What’s the fun in being the only one who knows you’re the “GOAT?” Show off your high scores to pleb gamers on GameTalkTalk. The national ranking is updated every day, so see how you compare against Korea’s hottest gamers.

5. Learn from the best and interact with people who love the same games as you
It can be pretty hard to find people who like the same games as you on the internet, and it’s even harder to join teams in the actual game.
In GameTalkTalk, our user tags can help you tell who’s playing the same game, right away.
You can chat together in real-time through our game groups.

6. Sick of the games you already got? Check out what’s hot and popular – Realtime game rankings on GameTalkTalk!

Download APK(vV9.8.2)

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