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An Islamic app allowing Muslims to connect and wake each other for Fajr prayer whilst also informing them about what is

An Islamic app allowing Muslims to connect and wake each other for Fajr prayer whilst also informing them about what is going on in the Muslim world – connection is the key. The vision behind this app can be summarized in the Surah below.

Surah Al-Hujarat (49:13) “…made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another…”

Let’s Fajrup:

FajrUp enables Muslims to wake their Brothers/ Sisters in Islam for their Fajr prayer via a 15 second phone call. The App also illustrates the prayers as well as notable days in the Islamic calendar. A user can simply check the app, it might be 12:00 local time and you’re on a lunch break BUT it’s time to pray in Korea. At that point you can call the users on the list waking them up for their prayer. The FajrUp platform connects the Ummah, literally, across time, space and other media channels.

Context and content are kings for the FajrUp team.

FajrUp gathers content from a variety of media sources in order to inform Muslims regarding what is written by them, for them, and about them. The platform features written as well as video content focusing on the key issues that affect the global Ummah.
We are a media platform with the objective to of informing and empowering our global Muslim audiences via engaging content. As we live in a world were much is written about Muslims and for Muslims, our aim is to place the narrative of Muslims and Islam firmly in the hands of Muslims.
Our missions is to strengthen confidence and knowledge in Muslims in order for them to control their narratives.

You will be able to look at articles and video aggregated from a number of Muslim sources.

You will be able to read the digital Quran (With a verse sent to you daily) – translations in over 40 languages.

You will always be able to find a Masjid close to you wherever you are.

You will be able to have accurate prayer times based on your location.

You will be able to call Muslims from around the world waking them up for their Fajr Salah.

You will be notified of prayer by the Azan.

Say Asalama Alaikum’, maybe share an Ayah of the Quran Al Kareem or a Hadith, or a greeting in your language, we are a global Ummah after all.


If you feel the app is giving you wrong prayer times, it may be related to your device settings. Enabling auto-settings is the most effective method to obtain accurate prayer times.

You could be receiving a call from anywhere in the world. Calls are 15 seconds long, numbers will not be displayed/nor disclosed to any user, a modern way to be woken up for your prayer. Essentially, the app works as a social alarm, a medium attempting to connect the whole Ummah and in doing so encouraging the Ummah to wake each other for their Fajr Salah.

You Select ‘Fajr UP ME’ and wait to receive a call from a FajrUppie, or select ‘Fajr UP SOMEONE’ and become that user calling someone who has requested to be woken up. Should you not receive a call, the Azan wakes you automatically, should you oversleep – you will receive a missed call reminder, provided someone tried to call you.
The app is gender specific, brothers can only call brothers and sisters can only call sisters. We want to uphold and protect the modesty of our users.

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