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Car Traffic Racer Heavy Highway Rider Sim 2017 APK is a free app listed in Racing Apps. It is very easy to install Car T

“Race your fast racing sports car across the busy lanes of traffic, enjoy driving fast and overtaking without crashing your car in to busy traffic, rush hour traffic is extreme so be careful while driving in that time as cars on roads are much worse, overtake your sports vehicles carefully without hitting others, it is a very thrilling drive once you get on the road just fasten your seat belt and drive your car like a maniac without caring about the speed limit on road.
Car Traffic Racer Heavy Highway Rider Sim 2017 is all about driving fast in a real world with speedy cars. Super charged car racing action simulator for car racing lovers to burn the tire rubber and race to become the king of speed on rough roads. Highway traffic is not a easy traffic to overtake so be careful while driving because hit and run is not the option in this game, once you hit someone your mission in this game is failed. Drive most realistic speeding cars in real drift racing game of many infinity arcade racing. Drive the racing car smoothly between Heavy traffic, car update, earn cash, upgrade your tires and buy brand new speed cars.
Milestone in this racing game is to dodge the traffic lanes and speed your way towards highway end, luxurious cars are under you to drive and race, just press the speed paddle and drive your speedy vehicle as fast as you can horn your way if traffic is stuck in all lanes, to get more points in this game overtake your speedy car very close from other cars in a way that you don’t hit or crash the other but overtake it carefully by slightly touching its body but not denting anything.
This game is new for all the speed lovers. You can wreck the cars while speeding on the highway and perform burnouts. Try to become the one of crazy fastest racers in the world. Different world locations are there for you to race your car in to, racing tracks from different parts of world are very attractive and make this game more thrilling and full of fun. Select the track of your choice, traffic is different in each track of world, this adds up diversity in traffic racing game which is a major factor of making this racing traffic car game different from other traffic simulators, reward money will be added on your account depending on how much distance you covered and how many overtakes you did in that time before crashing your sports car in other traffic.
Be a passionate driver of racing car and make your way on highway busy traffic by using clever skills of driving and overtaking your car by thinking your way smartly. Driving in this game is all about steering your way out from traffic by smart play of driving and passing your car from congested areas where cars are going side by side. Push yourself in heavy traffic by driving smartly not fastly and using horn plus steering to move across lanes in order to get in the front position of traffic. Choose your car from the selection menu of your choice and be a expert driver on road of heavy traffic and beat the traffic by moving that car in between lanes. Car physics in this game is real based so that you can feel the reality touch of driving your car in busy traffic and overtaking your speed car carefully in between lanes. Sound of car in this game is also incorporated in way that when you press the speed paddle you can feel the power of your car on road and feel the thunder of your car’s engine.
Download this game now on all of your android devices and enjoy the car driving on busy traffic which you can never feel on any other traffic simulator game.

– Choose from many setups each car that is drift, racing and turbo
– Car racing on very specially multiple designed speed tracks
– Very insane and crazy feeling of very powerful and speedy sports car
– Stunning HD graphics
– Nitro Booster for super-speed road racing advanced shield to protect
– Awesome Expensive cars to choose from
– The game will challenge even the most skilled racing fans
– Completely new way of highway racing.”

Download APK(v7.0)

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